Which past Generation do you like better?

Talk here about the older generations of My Little Pony.

Which Past Gen. Do you like better?

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Which past Generation do you like better?

Postby EclipsedFlame » Wed Sep 09, 2015 3:43 am

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Re: Which past Generation do you like better?

Postby Nights » Wed Sep 09, 2015 5:59 am

in terms which old shows G3's direct to DVD videos included I'd say G1 is the best, as for which old toyline is better I'd say G3.
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Aquatic Neon
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Re: Which past Generation do you like better?

Postby Aquatic Neon » Fri Sep 11, 2015 3:32 pm

G1 for shows and toys.

G1 was the best toyline, equal amount of earth, pegasus, and unicorns. Had the best variety of ponies like Big Brother Ponies, Flutter Ponies, Seaponies, Wingers, Baby Ponies, Twinkle Eyed Ponies, Sparkle Ponies, Twice as Fancy, and so many more. Also they had tons of new characters hardly any re-releases. Also had symbols on both sides!!!

With G2 we hardly had any in the US and they lacked in poses, but did have a lot of cool ones in Europe with interesting symbols and colors. Symbols on both sides as well!

With G3 It started out okay they did a good job with the colors and different characters and adult molds, however they lacked in unicorns and pegasus, with no boys, seaponies, etc. They were pretty dull when it came to types of ponies. The babies molds basically are all in two different versions which are very boring poses. Towards the end they did core 7 and released way too many re-releases and then turned them into G3.5 with the same characters and killed the line. I think if G3 would have made more unicorns, some boys, better baby poses, unicorn babies, more pegasus babies, baby boys, seaponies, etc they would have done much better. Sadly also only cutie mark on one side.

With G4 they started out fantastic re-releases lots of new characters, the ponies aren't very big though, but it didn't seem to affect the line too much. However after a little while, they basically just started re-releasing the mane 6 over and over and over again and did I mention again? Which made many lose interest. The lack of boys is disappointing too with only one Shining Armor in the brushable line. The blind bag and mini line has been improving a lot over time with tons of characters and new molds, and now buildings and accessories! The Funko Vinyl line is amazing when it comes to accuracy, cutie marks on both sides, they really are a lot of fun to collect and come out with characters hasbro would probably never make outside of a possible mini figure. Currently hasbro seems they have been coming out with more characters again and hopefully it stays that way.
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Re: Which past Generation do you like better?

Postby Firefly » Sat Sep 12, 2015 6:38 pm

I have about fifteen G1 ponies. I love the way they look and their size. Also, there was lots of variety in design and pose, compared to G4.
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Re: Which past Generation do you like better?

Postby TheBeatlesPkmnFan42 » Wed Aug 02, 2017 5:38 am


Generation 1 is my favorite generation, overall. I guess I'll just give a basic rundown of my thoughts for each generation.

G1 - My favorite, due to the large variety of ponies, poses, and gimmicks. There's such a huge variety in what generation 1 had to offer, especially if you take into account ponies exclusive to other countries, or variants of US ponies from other countries. I also really like the aesthetic of G1s.

G2 - A huge change from G1, but I love them a lot too! Not as many poses as G1, but it still has a pretty nice variety of ponies. It's a damn shame it only lasted for a year in the US, there are so many cool looking ponies that Europe got up until it ended there in 2003. I love how G2s have little crystals in their eyes. <3

G3 - My second favorite generation! Just like G1 it gave us a wide variety of ponies and poses. While it didn't have as many gimmicks, I really like how vibrant the colors are. I also really like how their cutie marks are more detailed compared to the symbols of G1 and G2 ponies (G2 especially, most G2 symbols were just one color). On the downside though, limiting the line down to 7 ponies in 2008 was not a wise decision and I can imagine it was the reason they made the decision to end G3 (being someone who's only been into MLP since 2011 I don't know if they started selling less, but I would imagine they did).

G3.5 - The least popular generation, but I love them too! Again, I assume Hasbro made the change from G3 to G3.5 due to ponies starting to not sell as well.... and since I suspect the cause was the whole "Core 7" thing, I'm not sure why they thought keeping that would be a good idea. Yes, there's a new design with G3.5... but it's still the same 7 ponies (sans the 3 moms they released). It's a damn shame too because I think G3.5s are really cute, I would have loved if they made more beyond the Core 7 and 3 of their moms. Whenever I watch Twinkle Wish Adventure I see all those background ponies and just see them as wasted opportunities to make more toys... In any case, I do really love the appearance of the G3.5s and I wish we had gotten more than 10 characters! In any case, I absolutely love that they gave them all unique hairstyles (Cheerilee's hair is the best!) and most of them are different heights.

G4 - Generation 4, the generation that got me into MLP! G4s are very cute, but they certainly have their cons. While Hasbro had finally stopped churning out the same few ponies over and over again, there's still a little too much Mane 6 compared to other new ponies, IMO. I love the Mane 6, but I would like more normal brushables beyond them than what we ended up with. Especially wish a lot of brushable characters only being released in large packs (G4 Minty....). Another downside is the lack of poses, we only got two.

G4.5 - Where we are now! I see a lot of mixed feelings about them around but I love them! A huge upgrade from G4, in my opinion. I'm just really excited that it's given us new poses. I also like how much personality these new poses have. The single Pinkie Pie, for example. They did such an excellent job at emulating Pinkie's personality in that pose. She looks so lively! I hadn't been actively buying as many G4s in the past two years or so (mostly because most of what I was seeing were just Mane 6 variants) as I was in the past, and finding out about G4.5 made me excited to buy new ponies again.

God this much longer then I intended (I love talking about ponies...), but TL;DR: G1 is my favorite, G3 is a close second, I love them all.

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