Hippogriff Skystar and Songbird Serenade

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Hippogriff Skystar and Songbird Serenade

Postby Diamond Dazzle » Tue Feb 13, 2018 12:06 pm

Around a month after MLP the Movie had been released, I looked at images of the new mlp toys. I managed to get the Songbird Serenade and hippogriff Skystar brushables. I saw a post about both of them on MLP Merch, which made me want to buy them. I know that some people thought that Skystar could be a fake, but when I received her, she had all the MLP symbols on her hooves. I wrote a post about the Skystar hippogriff and seapony on my blog. Click here to see it http://www.mlp.world/blog/mlp-princess-skystar/#more-20 click the link to see pictures.

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