Flitter's ponies (update 20 Jan.)

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Re: Flitter's ponies (update 14 Sept.)

Postby Flitter » Wed Jan 20, 2016 4:10 pm

@Astranova Thanks! It's 2016 so I can finally use the calendar! I still need to hang it.

@MintiCherriChocolate I was very upset with how much Minty was changed with the costco set too. At least she still got a release I guess but I feel very lucky I was able to get her proto ver.

@Firefly Yes! I hope they come out with matching blind bags for all the brushables that don't have one yet.

@Aquatic Neon Thank you. I'm excited to see what will be shown at toy fair and to find out what the new amazon listings that don't have photos yet are.

Here's a pic of every pony I got in 2015
by , on Flickr

I need to take a new full collection pic soon. Things keep changing so much and I've had to figure out a storage solution for my ponies but at least I'm still collecting. The brushables are all in totes like this now
by , on Flickr
and mini figures had to be put away in ziplocs. I'm still looking for suitable divided containers for them. I miss having my ponies out and being able to look at them all together.
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