Rank Your Season 6 Episodes!

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Rank Your Season 6 Episodes!

Postby Keldeo Raritite » Sun Jun 12, 2016 9:22 pm

Alright everypony. For those that don't know, we will be heading into another hiatus after Spice Up Your Life. We don't know how long it'll last, but hopefully it won't be too long!

So, let's rank our personal favorite episodes of season 6, from best to worst! And if you want to, explain why you like or dislike each episode!
Here's my list:

1. The Saddle Row Review
This was without a doubt, one of the funniest episodes of the entire show! Every character and joke was on point and very memorable. From Twilight's sweep song to everything involving Pinkie and Plaid Stripes, the laughs were a-plenty! Not to mention it was an awesome birthday present for me the day it aired!

2. Gauntlet of Fire
BEST. SPIKE. EPISODE. EVER. After the mess that was Princess Spike, we finally got him at his best performance. We got a ton of world building with the dragons. Ember was a really good character too; I hope we see her in the movie in 2017!

3. The Crystalling
While not my personal favorite season opener, it was still good and very unique. It tied up the loose ends of Starlight and Sunburst's story nicely along with seeing some great chemistry between her and Spike. And we finally got to see Shining and Cadance's daughter: Flurry Heart! Her antics were also really funny.

4. A Hearth's Warming Tail
Christmas in May? Really? Anyway, as a retelling of A Christmas Carol, it was great. The songs were awesome, especially Pinkie's Present, Luna's Future and Say Goodbye to the Holiday.

5. No Second Prances
At first I thought the concept of Starlight meeting Trixie was a bit Farfetch'd, but it turned out to be a great episode. Trixie and Starlight's friendship was very genuine and it gave us some nice character development for both of them.

6. Flutter Brutter
About time we got introduced to Fluttershy's family! Her brother, Zephyr Breeze was...interesting to say the least, but he was also pretty relateable. Not to mention Fluttershy being at her best and really showing how much she has grown from the start of the show.

7. The Gift of the Maud Pie
This episode was funny and cute. Maud, Pinkie and Rarity work really well off each other and both Pie sisters were entertaining as always. Also, Rarity's Pinkie impression. Stuff of legends.

8. Spice Up Your Life
This episode was kinda predictable and it was sort of frustrating to see Rarity contradict herself with trying to conform the restaurant. But it was still a nice episode with interesting new characters and a great moral about having your own opinions. The song was amazing too. That, and this episode makes me hungry...

9. Applejack's "Day" Off
This episode was alright. It had some nice background events and a really great moral (work smarter, not harder) that applies more to adults than to kids. Other than that, it was meh.

10. On Your Marks
As the first CMC episode of them with cutie marks, it was sort of boring and tedious. Although Apple Bloom's song and little mental breakdown were amusing.

11. Newbie Dash
It was nice to finally see Rainbow Dash as a Wonderbolt, but the cringe was real. Everything Dash did in this episode, from the impressions of her friends to her messing up the routine was embarrassing to watch. Hopefully her next bout with the Bolts will be better. Hey, the only way to go is up amirite?
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Re: Rank Your Season 6 Episodes!

Postby SonataDusk » Tue Jun 14, 2016 9:43 pm

It was a challenge, but here are my ranks for the episodes!

1. Saddle Row Review
I greatly enjoyed the interview format of the episode. It was different, but a nice change from the structure of the other episodes. Plus, it was executed very well. The sweep song and scene were funny, and I liked how this turned out not to be a Rarity focused episode (though those are good too) but a Mane Six one instead.

2. A Hearth's Warming Tail
I've always enjoyed watching anything Christmas Carol. And I've always enjoyed musicals. The songs were really nice, my favourite being Seeds of the Past. Was anyone else reminded of one of the scores for Interstellar during the end of the song Luna's Future? The episode nailed on giving a cozy holiday feeling, and I loved it when the tune of the main song Hearth's Warming Eve is Here Once Again was played in the background.

3. Spice Up Your Life
Really liked the designs of Saffron Masala and Coriander Cumin, and their restaurant. The song was catchy too! I agree, the episode was predictable, but in a good way, I think. I loved all the various chef cameos, and when Rarity realized that she and Pinkie needed to switch responsibilities in order to save the restaurant.

4. No Second Prances
Cranky Doodle Donkey was hilarious in this one. Though, I thought that the beginning was a little slowly paced, the climax made up for it. Loved the soundtrack during that scene and I never would have thought that Starlight and Trixie could make a pretty neat duo.

5. AppleJack's Day Off
I have to admit that this is actually one of my favourite episodes. Probably because I had such low expectations for it. The synopsis did not intrigue me (sounded like any old Rarity and AJ episode to me) nor the preview. But, I thought it was entertaining and the pacing was good. A very sweet and simple slice of life episode.

6. Gauntlet of Fire
I agree, it was one of the best Spike episodes yet. Ember was pretty cool and I'm hoping too that she'll make an appearance again. Rarity and Twilight's disguises were fun, and the plot was good.

7. The Gift of Maud Pie
Maud never seizes to amaze me. It was a funny episode and very heartwarming.

8. Flutter Brutter
Not a bad episode. I like the design of Fluttershy's mother. Most of the time I was just as "peeved" as Fluttershy about her brother actions, but I have to say, her brother's behaviour of not trying is very true to what we may experience. I would like to echo your note, Keldeo: Fluttershy was really great in this episode! It was evident how much she's developed as a character, and she was able to encompass and express a variety of characteristics here. I didn't like the song too much initially, but now it's not bad.

9. Newbie Dash
The overall episode wasn't too exciting. I found Rainbow's imitations of the Mane Six the only thing entertaining. But, I really love the background music for the last scene of this episode!

10. On Your Marks
Song was great, and sung really nicely! But, I couldn't find the appeal of the episode. The pacing was very slow and the plot was a little dry. Tender Taps was alright. His dance moves were admirable.

11. The Crystalling
This two-parter was not the best. I'm not too fond of Flurry Heart's design, nor the plot of the episode. Starlight Glimmer seemed to resemble Sunset Shimmer in Rainbow Rocks, and sadly, the way they're portrayed in that episode/movie removes any sort of personality they had prior to being in the Mane Six. But, I hope to see more world building of the Crystal Empire as it still seems a little obscure to me.
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Re: Rank Your Season 6 Episodes!

Postby Ilona » Sun Jun 19, 2016 1:25 pm

I actually need to work on my animation research right now, but I always have time for a small ranking. However no explanation because I need to get back to work. XD

1. The Saddle Row Review
2. Spice up your life
3. Gauntlet of Fire
4. A Hearth's Warming Tail
5. No Second Prances
6. AppleJack's Day Off
7. The gift of Maud Pie
8. Flutter Brutter
9. Newbie Dash
10. On your marks
11. The Crystalling
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Re: Rank Your Season 6 Episodes!

Postby Shahrukh » Mon Jul 25, 2016 12:27 pm

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