Maud Pie - Toys R Us

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Maud Pie - Toys R Us

Postby Opalescence » Sun Aug 30, 2015 3:27 am

I live about 40 minutes from the closest Toys R Us, so I was just going to buy Maud Pie and the new Friendship Blossom pack online. Unfortunately, I could not, for the life of me, find Maud on their website. She's not searchable, she doesn't show up when you look at all the MLP merchandise, etc. :? I was starting to worry she was sold out and contemplated buying her for 3x the cost on Ebay or Amazon.

Anyway, I found her through Google eventually! If you haven't bought Maud yet (and why not, she's awesome - I'm still not sure if I'm gonna wash off all those flowers though!), here's the direct link: ... d=57533066

Why she's not searchable and why she doesn't show up with the rest of the mlp stuff, I have no idea. Daring Do came out at about the same time and she's there. So who knows. But in case you wanted to buy Maud, there she is. :)

Or maybe I'm the only one who didn't buy her the moment she came out in late July. :lol:

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