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Site rules!

Postby Ilona » Wed Jul 29, 2015 1:45 pm

First of all we would like you to have fun on our forum. But because of that we had to make some rules of course. Please make sure you’ve read them before you post anything. If you have any questions feel free to ask. You can do this by PM’ing me or Ossie.

  • Keep it nice! No swearing and NO NSFW content.
People of all ages will visit our website. Because of this swearing and other mature content is strictly forbidden. Post containing one of the above will be edited or removed.

  • Respect each others opinions.
Of course we all have different opinions. That’s what life makes interesting. But don’t attack people personally because they have a different opinion then yours. Of course it isn’t bad to show other people you have a different opinion, but tell them in a polite way like. “Oh I personally don’t like Fluttershy that much, but if you like her that’s fine” A bad thing do to this is if you post a comment like this: “Oh like Fluttershy? You’re stupid!” Comments like this will be removed as soon as possible. If the user keeps posting like this he/she will be banned from the forum. Don’t attack eachother personally.

  • One account per person
You're allowed to have only one account on this forum. If you wish to change your name you can ask us to do so. We will change your name only once per year.

  • Keep your post clear and informative.
Simply follow these rules:
- Don’t post only one word like “cool” or “lol”
- bUt pl0ze AlS0 d0NT tAlK like this <- I’ve made myself clear right?
- No slowchatting, you can PM Each other for that 
- No derailing
- Don’t post any personal information like your E-mail address or Phone Number, if you want to share it with someone please use the PM Function.

  • No Commercial Post. This means No Selling, No Buying and No Trading. However if this forum runs very well we might add this in the future. :)

  • Keep your signature within limits
Big signatures can clutter the forum and irritate users. That's why we ask of you:
- Keep the size of signature images within 450x200
- Small animations are allowed, but not too flashy and irritating
- The same rules for posts apply to your signature
- Want more information in your signature? Use a spoiler-tag for personality tests, lyrics or anything else you want to add

If you see somebody abusing these rules feel free to report the post itself using the report button. We'll get a notification and we will take action if required.

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