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MintiCherriChocolate is IN DA HOUSE!

Postby Twizi » Sun Nov 22, 2015 8:00 pm

Sup? I'm MintiCherriChocolate, a die-hard MLP fan. When I was one, I was given a few MLP toys (in this age G3 was starting), and I became obsessed when I was about four. yeeeeeeeeears and years later, here I am with 200+ G3 toys! When G4 started, I had stopped collecting for a while, but earlier this year I started buying those little bagged brushables in my Fred Meyer store. I eventually started to buy blind bags, plush, and more, and now I have eight blind bags, fourteen brushables, and five plush! I'm obsessed with Build a Bear (I have 20+), so four of those plush are BAB Trixie, DJ, Twighly, and Cadance. Hoping to get Luna + Celestia soon! One of my favorite hobbies is blogging, singing, art (such as drawing, sketching, virtual design) and collecting MLP. Oh yeah and playing School of Dragons, I am obsessed with that game (mainly because I LOVE dragons).

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