Hey everypony, I'm Keldeo!

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Hey everypony, I'm Keldeo!

Postby Keldeo Raritite » Sat Jan 23, 2016 12:00 am

Hey, my name's Keldeo Raritite! I've been a member of the forums here since September, but I never really started posting things on here until now. Tbh, the only reason I signed up at first was to make a checklist and wish list! XD

I've been a huge fan of MLP since October 2011 when I binged watched the first 10 episodes on YouTube. I've seen every episode (and every EQG movie) and know all the songs and names of all the characters. Around the beginning of 2012 was when I really started collecting pony merch. My first piece of merch was a Rainbow Dash blind bag figure and the rest is history. My favorite pony thing to collect are blind bags; I have at least 200(?!) of them! I also love collecting everything from Happy Meal toys and Funko figures to more obscure stuff like valentines and duct tape!

Outside of MLP, I'm really into Pokemon. I have an even bigger collection of Pokemon merch; 90+ plushies, 200+ figures, every main series game and far too many trading cards to count. My favorite Pokemon are Shaymin and Keldeo, hence my username and avatar.

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