Hey everyone, I'm Azure Lazuli!

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Hey everyone, I'm Azure Lazuli!

Postby Azurelazuli » Wed Aug 17, 2016 10:27 pm

Hi everyone, I'm Azure Lazuli, and I love My Little Pony! Which is probably why I'm here...anyway, I thought I'd make this lil' post so you could get to know me better!
I love the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, I'm always creating Sonic ocs and doing virtual roleplays about them with a friend of mine! My main oc is Azure Lazuli, who came to Mobius from the fallen world of Aisha (which is an original world I created in my mind...huh, I'm weird!). Her best friend is my bff's main oc, Nekoette Atsume (who has a love affair with Shadow The Hedgehog...XD).
I also love My little Pony, my main oc would be "Cherry Hearts". I think my favorite MLP characters would have to be: Derpy, Pinkie, Fluttershy, and Luna. I feel like I relate to Luna sometimes...no no, I am not a former evil queen hailing from Equestria...or am I? Hmm...!
Aphmau is probably my favorite YouTuber, and I LOVE her new series, "Dreams of Estorra". It's just...amazing!
Everyone has a weird tv character crush...right...? Well mine are: Tails the Fox, Silver The Hedgehog (both from the Sonic franchise), and Captain Hook (from Once Upon a Time)...Hook is way too old for me...whatever XD
So...yep, that was some stuff about me! Wanna know more? Just ask! Of course I won't say my name, age, residence, etc...but anything that's not personal, go for it!
It was nice meeting you all, cya' later! -Azure Lazuli
P.S. The character that represents me in most places is my Sonic oc "Roxxix", but here I will be using Azure (the character on my profile image).

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